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Name: Jason Mousseau

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Birthdate: February 3rd, 1988

Instagram: @artbyrobots
Sports: Ski, Skateboard
Media: Graphic Design, Animation

Inspired Media Concepts was created by good friends, professional skier Tanner Hall and film producer Eric Iberg in 2010 out of Park City, Utah.  The Inspired brand quickly moved into everything skiing with movies, web shows, invitationals, movie tours, demo tours, and more.  Inspired Music Concepts was also introduced to the world in 2010 alongside musical artist Cali P and producer Phantom in Kingston, Jamaica.   Very fast Inspired reached “4 Corners of the Globe” through their public appearances and media production.  Inspired’s motto was a movement of positivity through sport and music.  Even though the Inspired Brand is not putting out content daily like in the past.  Everyone that was part of the Inspired brand is still Inspired today and still inspiring others through their works!