Inspired Media Concepts was created by good friends, professional skier Tanner Hall and film producer Eric Iberg in 2010 out of Park City, Utah.  The Inspired brand quickly moved into everything skiing with movies, web shows, invitationals, movie tours, demo tours, and more.  Inspired Music Concepts was also introduced to the world in 2010 alongside musical artist Cali P and producer Phantom in Kingston, Jamaica.   Very fast Inspired reached “4 Corners of the Globe” through their public appearances and media production.  Inspired’s motto was a movement of positivity through sport and music.  Even though the Inspired Brand is not putting out content daily like in the past.  Everyone that was part of the Inspired brand is still Inspired today and still inspiring others through their works!

still… INSPIRED!




Inspired Media Concepts, LLC was started on January 1st, 2010 by friends professional skier Tanner Hall and ski filmmaker Eric Iberg. The two needed a company to start their foundation for the annual ski films they wanted to produce. Every day since day one Inspired Media Concepts has evolved into something new and different for the two on the media side of skiing. After producing the documentary film ‘Like a Lion’ in 2010, Inspired TV was born in January of 2011. Inspired TV has scheduled programming on the internet that started as only ski shows. These shows allowed professional and amateur skiers a place to tell their stories and document their style of skiing.

Today Inspired TV has evolved into over 20 shows and has added surfing, kayaking, and BMX into programming! Along with feature ski films and Inspired TV, Inspired Media Concepts also works with the promotion of individuals that have goals and dreams. This brought to creating another new media outlet with the Inspired Demo Tour. The tour travels professional skiers around the country to share their individual passion for the sport of skiing while documenting their travels and bringing new exposure to the sport and new locations.

Inspired Media has also been very involved in camps since the beginning. The athletes from the Inspired TV shows and feature films have worked with D Splash Water Ramp and Tramp Camp in Quebec, Woodward Tahoe in California and this year with Windell’s Ski and Snowboard Camp in Oregon.

The future looks bright with new ideas and new ways to help share INSPIRED people’s stories and goals! We will continue to evolve everyday into something new and different. We do not know where this journey will bring us, but we have a pretty good idea and we are stoked to continue to share this new ideas and versions with you!

Stay tuned to the future!




Two X Games gold medals, dozens of contest appearances, multiple Skier of the Year awards, critically-acclaimed film segments and unprecedented influence on the progression of skiing: this is a sparknoted version of Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon's shared resume.


Having used their creative style and unique bag of tricks to achieve skiing superstardom, Casabon and Harlaut, better known as B-Dog and E Dollo or simply B&E, experienced colossal success but quickly realized that their idea of fun didn't directly align with those of the conventional professional skiers. The idea of using technical tricks to acquire sponsorships, win competitions and make money didn't jive with the pair.

B&E's views of skiing and means by which it should be displayed were similar to those of Tanner Hall and Eric Iberg. Hall and lberg started Inspired Media Concepts in January of 2010 to fund annual ski projects-taking the reins allowed them to shoot independently to exemplify their own styles. Soon after Inspired released their breakthrough film, Like a Lion, T-Hall and lberg joined forces with Harlaut, Casabon and fellow Quebecer Paul Bergeron. With this bolstered collective of skiers, Inspired was ready to impose creativity, self expression and fun upon skiing.

Since the parties joined forces, Inspired has produced some of the most progressive and influential film segments skiing has seen to date. And B&E received praise throughout the ski community, winning fans with projects such as The B&E Show, The Blackout Project, Let It Flow, Keynote Skier and Road to Zion; not to mention their highly-anticipated two-year project, BE Inspired, which premiered on September 11, 2016.


In addition to progressing skiing in the streets and in the backcountry, Inspired Media Concepts can be credited with the creation of some of the most popular contests and tours in skiing. The B&E Invitational, held annualy in Les Arcs, France, is arguably the most creative event in freeskiing. The 2016 setup endured brain-melting tricks thrown by some of the most legendary names in skiing, including Tom Walisch, JF Houle, and Candide Thovex. The contest utilizes a jam format instead of limited runs and the bowl style course promotes outside the box thinking, huge transfers, and using every part of your ski. The event is invite only, and attendance falls to the requisite approval of Henrik and Phil. The venue always features big name music acts and dozens of riders have been quoted saying it's the most fun event they've ever competed' at. Through the event, the our terms authenticity of B-Dog and E Dollo has a means for influencing mainstream contest sking-elements of the course build can now be seen in events like X Games and the newly formatted Dew Tour, not to mention the Olympics test course in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


In the past, Inspired has toured the continent to let fans in smalLer, off the map ski communities hot lap their favourite park with their idols. It stokes the crew as much as anyone—they get to experience a new terrain park (and a new towrope) almost every day. Seeing the way the Inspired guys interact with their fans on camera and in person makes it apparent that skiing is so much more to them than a career. The athletes fall into the roles of ambassadors for their lifestyles, and passion flairs at every hill they ski.


Contrary to a majority of athletes in this industry, Inspired doesn't put on these events for money the minds at Inspired want to give back to ski communities everywhere, to better the sport of skiing. The kids who come out to these events are the future faces of our sport and industry, if they grow up seeing pro skiers act like dicks, ski for endorsements and spin to win at contests, then a whole generation of skiers will grow up thinking that's what skiing is about. Inspired tours give the future of the sport good direction in facets of life far beyond skiing.


Last month, Inspired premiered their two-year project, BE Inspired. In front of hundreds of fans in Quebec City, Hal, Iberg, Phil and Henrik unleashed two full seasons worth of untapped B&E footage. Let me just say, you have to see BE Inspired because even by the standards of two skiing deities (skieties?), some of those shots were absolutely insane. The incorporation of progressive filming styles combined with tricks that are both next level crazy and ooze with style and creativity make BE Inspired a must-watch. The premiere epitomized everything about Inspired Media Concepts, featuring insane skiIng. good vibes, and allowing the community to interact with some of its best.


Hardly anyone would have guessed the eventual contributions Phil and Henrik would make towards action sports, as a couple of teenagers with an offbeat vision of skiing became two of the most widely respected ambassadors of skiing on the planet. From riding nose-rockered skis, to producing unworldly film segments, to making Wu-Tang Clan a staple of ski culture, B&E have been leading the charge in the evolution and progression of our sport for years. Skiing needs B-Dog and E Dollo like Quebec needs the Nordiques back. Impacting skiing from the screen to the streets, New Zealand to Japan and everywhere in between, every freeskier worldwide has benefitted from the impacts of B&E in some way, shape or form.