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Aggressive Instincts Productions // Certifiable

CERTIFIABLE, like its predecessors, has taken a big leap forward from the previous year in showcasing the world's best up-and-coming new schoolers, as well as many established pros. The common thread through every Aggressive Instincts video is to unveil tomorrow's stars today. Whether it be Cusson and Auclair in NCD FREESTYLE '97, or new-comers Hibbert, Crichton and Paquette in CERTIFIABLE, Aggressive Instincts Productions is always there to pre-empt the popularity of new school freestyle's dominant riders. This year's film not only captures scenes from major big air events like the X Qualifier, the US Open, Tremblant's Cote Obscur and the Orage Big Air, among others, but it is also teeming with park footage, eastern-style backcountry booters, and even its own "urban" segment featuring summer and winter grinding on the streets of Ottawa, ON. In exposing newcomers like Abma, Buchar and Bushfield, as well as the best of the best in professional talent, this movie will give riders everywhere a taste of what's to come in the world of new school freestyle, and will leave every viewer with the belief that these skiers/maniacs truly are CERTIFIABLE.

Staring David Crichton, JF Cusson, Vincent Dorion, Brendan Buchar, Mathieu Paquette, Fred Denis, Mark Abma, Rex Thomas, Ryan Rogers, Mark Crichton, Scott Hibbert, Corey Grinnell, Rory Bushfield, Garrett Brittain, Jordan Monk, Andy Woods, Dustin Foreman, Jon Reedy, Garrett Brittain, Sarah Burke, Ian Gallimore, JF Therrien, Adam Schrab, Fred MacDonald, Jon Stern, many more...

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