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Aggressive Instincts Productions // Indestructible

Aggressive Instincts Productions is proud to be releasing its seventh new school freestyle skiing video in its long history of chronicling the evolution of the sport. Not only does INDESTRUCTIBLE stay true to AIP form with only the most progressive skiing footage, most talented riders and most powerful soundtrack, it also introduces a few new faces on the grommet scene and shows that the women aren't far behind the men, either. Staying true to form with other AIP videos, INDESTRUCTIBLE delivers a skillful cast of characters, including David Crichton, Chris Turpin, Mark Abma, Jon Olsson and Scott Hibbert, among many others.

Featured Skiers: David Crichton, Chris Turpin, Mark Abma, Jon Olsson, Charles Grant, Scott Hibbert, Jon Reedy, Jay Vaughan, Mike Henituk, Andy Woods, Tanner Hall, Mark Crichton, Rory Bushfield, JF Cusson, Iannick B., Sarah Burke, Candide Thovex, Denise Jaworsky, Jennifer Crichton, Olivier Rochon, Bryan Snow, Josh Bibby

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