Aggressive Instincts Productions // Rewind That

REWIND THAT is without a doubt the most progressive and action-packed video yet from Aggressive Instincts Productions. Young skiers have seen an evolution from being in the shadows of snowboarders to leading the charge of an innovative and exciting new sport - whether it be called freestyle, freeriding or new school. This video chronicles the progress made over the last season, particularly of unknown, up-and-coming skiers. It also continues with the trend towards focusing on the fast-paced aspect of skiing - park and pipe - but still covers the latest in mogul skiing development. (Expect 95% park content and 5% bumps.)

Starring David Crichton, Rex Thomas, Mark Crichton, Mark Abma, Corey Grinnell, Mathieu Paquette, JF Therrien, Fred MacDonald, Jordan Monk, Dustin Foreman, Brendan Buchar, Jon Reedy, Scott Hibbert, Garrett Brittain, Sarah Burke, Ian Gallimore, Jon Stern, Brendan Fallis, Mike Crichton, Rory Bushfield, many other Quebec rippers (Legare, Larose, St-Cyr Lachance, Warren) BC and Alberta rippers (Ricketts, Otero) Canadian and US National Team skiers (Rochon, Rousseau, Mayer, Hagar) NCAF (Dorion, Auclair (RIP), Poirier) many more...

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