Good Company // Stray Dogs

Stray dogs is a backcountry ski film that showcases Karl Fostvedt and Lucas Wachs. These dogs have chosen to stray wherever the conditions are right - at their heels you will find Jasper Newton documenting their antics from parking lots to mountain tops. Karl, Lucas, and Jasper have been skiing together for the better part of a decade and now have produced their first independent ski film - Stray Dogs. Enlist with these backcountry soldiers in a mission for deep powder.

Directed By: Jasper Newton

Principle Cinematography:

Jasper Newton

Axel Peterson

Additional Footage By:

Breton Carasso

Jonathon Chandler

Sean Lucey

AJ Dakoulas

Barrett Cincotta

Cameron Davis

Caleb Chicoine

Teton Gravity Research

Art Direction By:

Ryan Schmies



“Bobby Peru”

Los Plantronics



Original Track

“Strange Dogs”

Ben Van Vlissengen

Jake Shrock



Ft. Anderson Paak

Original Track


Ben Van Vlissengen

Jake Shrock



“Toms Cruise”

The Boy And Sister Alma

Shot on Location:

British Columbia