Strictly // Bermuda

A ski movie from Strictly, November 2019 - June 2020 - See more at by Andrew Mildenberger & Gavin Rudy

skiing by Benny Smith, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett, Taylor Lundquist, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, McRae Williams, Sam Zahner, & Levi Ascher additional filming by Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Ethan Swadburg, Jack Pepper, & McRae Williams, Mo Shane

mixing by Avery Shyra poster design by Jonah Gorder & Sam Winship

supported by Fat Tire, Icelantic, Line, Full Tilt, RMU, Jiberish, JSkis, Flylow, Obermeyer, & Phunkshun Wear

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