Dale Talkington // Co-Lab

Dale Talkington just snagged what is possibly the biggest pay day in freeskiing history. At the world premiere of Teton Gravity Research's Way of Life on September 21, 2013, Talkington was crowned the winner of TGR's inaugural Co-Lab contest.

During the winter of 2012/2013, TGR set out to find a fresh crop of talent—and, arguably, the best up-and-coming skier in the world. To do this, the company created the Co-Lab. With a $100,000 cash prize on the line, this open-source film contest attracted skiers and filmers from around the world. The Co-Lab aimed to give them both the platform to showcase their skills and the freedom to use their own voice.

Out of nearly fifty submissions, the public selected the top eighteen segments and a panel of industry experts selected three additional wildcards. These twenty-one skiers then chose the $100,000 winner from within their ranks. The top ten segments—also determined by these skiers—will serve as the foundation of the Co-Lab film, which TGR will release in late October.

During the initial public voting window, Talkington edged out Randy Evans. And during the subsequent category voting—which was also open to the public—Talkington snagged top honors in the Most Progressive, Best Stomp, and People's Choice categories. During the athlete voting period—which determined the winner of the Co-Lab's $100K prize—Talkington also emerged victorious.

Talkington's film, produced by 4bi9 Media, provides a glimpse into both the future of freeskiing and skiing cinematography. And while the film showcases Talkington's talent on the snow, it also reveals the skills of filmers Mike McLeod, Andrew Napier, Tom Arnell, and AJ Dakoulas, who also served as the film's editor.