Mercon Industries // Guatemalan Persuader

If you didn't get enough from Burger Time... then you will need to check out the highly anticipated 2nd production from Mercon Industries that was a 2 year project. Back at it with more insane carnage and up close broken bones, blood, shit and puke we took it to another level once again when we teamed up with magical creatures like Falcor from The Never Ending Story and drank 40oz with him! We also got to see Greg Tuffelmyer as he lurked though the windows of his gilrfriends pillow fights! I mean shit, who doesn't like boobs right! So enjoy The Guatemalan Persuader with once again some of the best skiing, drinking, shitting, puking, snowmobiling and whatever else happened. This movie is just pure awesomeness!!! Shit just doesn't happen like this anymore! If it did, no one would be sponsored because big companies are pussies and scared to let there athletes be there own person! Fuck all that shit, have fun, shred and ski with your friends! Because it could all be gone tomorrow as we all know! who knows... there might be a 3rd movie in the works!