Off Trail Productions // First Light

Off Trail Productions is proud to present our debut film 'First Light'. This mind-blowing Xtreme sports flick is sure not to dissapoint. Serving up the most insane ski action shots coupled with the most illegitimate soundtrack in the industry, 'First Light' will take you on a whirlwind ride of love, anguish, death, and unfettered joy & glory. Credit: Off Trail Productions / Justin Loeloff

Featuring: Austin Ramley, Brandon Becker, Stefan Thomas, Brent Neill, Jordan Seldin, Ashley Battersby, Adam Battersby, Willy Schneider, Travis Perkins, Scott Havens, Kyler Cooley, Dylan Natale, Mitch Lemons, Jordan Pond, Tosh Peters, Craig Coker, Max Peters, John Symms, Mike Wilson, Josh Bibby, Al Lanning